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Help Support our Law Enforcement through Back the K9 & NC to NYC! You can also support our LEO's by shopping our store!

Back the K9

Back the K9 campaign focuses on our four legged heroes. The Never Forget 9-11 Foundation strives to protect the K9 heroes in our communities who protect and serve daily. We provide the K9 with a K9 Ballistics Vest, Buddy Bag (Trauma K9 kit) and the Hot-N-Pop K9 life saving alarm system. We are able to protect and support these heroes through fundraising and sponsorship opportunities.

K9 Buddy Bags (aka K9 Trauma Kits)
K9 Buddy Bags are distributed to K9 officers to help if they are ever facing a traumatic event. Each Buddy Bag is full of life saving treatments specifically designed for dogs. The Buddy Bag has a breathing apparatus formed to fit any dog muzzle, an oxygen mask, burn sheets, bandages, rinsing saline and more.

Naloxone Kit for K9’s
K9 officers are often looking for narcotics - some of which can be deadly if inhaled by a dog. The Naloxone Kit for K9’s has a pre-filled syringe of Naloxone, along with a nasal atomizer and NarCase for storage. This tool can protect our four-legged officers to reverse any sort of inhalation of a narcotic substance.

Hot-N-Pop Pro
The HOT-N-POP PRO® combines the features of our two best-selling canine safety products into one easy to use temperature alarm and door popper system. This innovative unit monitors vital components including temperature sensors and vehicle battery voltage and shows the information on a 32-character backlit alphanumeric display. Under alarm conditions, the unit activates an S.O.S. horn honk signal, siren, light-bar activation and dual window drop to immediately equalize the internal temperature of the vehicle. The door popper feature releases the K-9 from the vehicle by remote control worn in a holster. In addition, the special Door Pop Stopper™ feature disables the K-9 Door Popper® when the vehicle is in gear.


Our NC to NYC campaign honors and supports the first responders and military heroes in our community. Each first responder will be selected through an application process held by the Never Forget 9-11's Foundation Board of Directors. The chosen first responders will then be given the opportunity to join us in our four day three night event to New York City.

YOU can help with this campaign! Help to support our team in being able to take MORE law enforcement officers with us on our annual trip. 

Upcoming Events

Due to the COVID-19 Pandemic - all upcoming events have been cancelled. Please check back for more updates.