An Idea

It came to life through a campaign that Christine Weber Livingston started in 2015. Five Cary Fire Fighters approached her at the Raleigh Tunnel to Towers 5k. One in particular asked her how do they get to the BIG RACE? In her Long Island response she said; “Google it”. Then as if the world would end, God said to her- This is what I mean by serving people. It seems that the founder, Christine Livingston, was having a conflict with God and she was constantly telling him HER plans. Christine missed the term “serving people” on more than one occasion. It was now time for Christine to LISTEN.

The Plan

In a meeting we talked about raising the funds to send these five to NYC for the 15 th anniversary of 9/11. We were able to get a hold of a motor coach bus. Then like the world would end again God said to Christine “fill the bus”. NC 2 NYC Campaign was born.

It Was Very CLEAR

The NC 2 NYC Campaign would be a part of the greater good moving forward. We wanted to make sure that First Responders & Military Personnel could partake in this annual event. Many cannot afford the luxury of heading up there for a few days on their own. They all work more than one job. This is so that they can afford to maintain a quality of life and care for their families. How can the men and women, that serve our community, give thanks & honor to all those who gave their life for us all at that fateful day? The way is through the Never Forget 9-11 Foundation. Personal Commitment to our 1st Responders-Military Personnel, the opportunity to be selected for the NC 2 NYC Campaign. Hosting Events and securing Sponsorships. Funds raised via the Foundation go towards the NC 2 NYC Campaign


The Never Forget 9-11 Foundation was formed in 2016. Never Forget 9-11 Foundation was incorporated on May 11 th of 2016. Foundation was approved for nonprofit status on August 31 st 2016. Never Forget 9-11 Foundation is a 501c3 non-profit organization.


Christine Livingston served as a Law Enforcement Officer for the City of Raleigh. She was called to follow in the footsteps of her father, a Retired Nassau County New York Police Officer The choice of this career and to do the job is to help others in their time of need. 1st Responders put public safety and wellbeing before their own. We are there on what could be one of the worst days of a civilian's life. First Responders are there to make the situation safer and better. The job is never about the paycheck, it is about the greater good and the gratitude from people.

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The Never Forget 9-11 Foundation is a North Carolina state approved non-profit foundation; 501 © 3 Non Profit -  Federal Tax ID 81-1994743   State Solicitation # EX007567. The foundation was founded by and is managed by current and/or former 1st Responders and Military members.

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